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Activities of the Institute

The Institute’s research activities and results, as well as various outreach activities such as events and exhibitions related to whales, are introduced through the Internet and publications.

Besides this website you’re visiting now, other ICR homepages are:

The ICR’s YouTube Channel

In ICR’s Youtube homepage you can watch short videos taken during ICR’s whale research cruises, and others relating to Japanese whaling culture.

The Web Whale Classroom for fun and learning

This ICR website is located within the “Oshigoto Hakubutsukan”, a career education site for Japanese schoolchildren. The Web Whale Classroom introduces ICR’s staff research activities, provides supplementary teaching materials for elementary school students on the importance of sustainable use of marine living resources, and offers whale quizzes and other activities to help children learn about whales in a fun way.

The whale web portal Whale Town

Aimed to the Japanese public, the Whale Town portal features miscellaneous information, including interviews with people related to whales and whaling in Japan, exhibitions and events held by the Institute, videos, as well as downloadable recipes and brochures published by the ICR, and so on.

You can find more about ICR’s activities through our two periodical publications:

ICR’s Quarterly Newsletter Geiken Tsushin

Our newsletter Geiken Tsushin has been published since 1948. In addition to introducing our research activities, we also briefly introduce various activities that our staff members are involved in, such as attending and making presentations at conferences and international meetings, organizing and cooperating in exhibitions and events, visiting schools, etc., and information on our publications.

Technical Reports (TEREP-ICR)

The Technical Reports of the Institute of Cetacean Research (TEREP-ICR) is an English-language yearly publication aimed to describe and report on the process, progress, or results of technical or scientific research, or the state of a technical or scientific research program being conducted by our institute. TEREP-ICR is distributed as printed matter to researchers and related organizations in Japan and overseas, and is available here.

In addition to the above, to further people’s understanding of the activities of ICR, we regularly respond to requests from different media such TV and radio programs, publishers, newspapers and magazines, to use images and videos of our research, as well as responding to inquiries from various fields.

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