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Dissemination of information relating to whaling culture

The Institute’s public information activities are divided into two main areas. The first is to promote understanding of sustainable use of marine fisheries resources, including cetaceans, based on scientific evidence, and to contribute to resource management and other activities oriented to realize this goal. The second is the discovery, maintenance, and promotion of whaling culture, including Japan’s splendid whale culinary heritage.

To this end, we collect materials related to whaling culture and hold symposiums, exhibitions, and other events. We also cooperate with domestic museums and other organizations by lending materials for special exhibitions on whales. In addition to producing pamphlets and other printed materials to introduce whale cuisine and recipes from around Japan, including both classic and nouvelle cuisine recipes, we also strive to promote whale food culture by holding cooking classes, seminars, and nutrition education events for parents and children, students, dietitians, and chefs. We also prepare supplementary educational materials for elementary school students to let them know the importance of sustainable use of whales as a fishery resource, the history of whaling, whale food culture, and so on. TheWhale Town Whale Town portal introduces articles related to whaling culture and collected whale crafts, as well as the nutritional characteristics of whale meat. It also provides information on whale-related events, stores where it is possible to buy whale products and enjoy whale cuisine throughout Japan.

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