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Special Permit Review

Scientific papers submitted to the JARPA REVIEW meeting called by the Government of Japan (January 2005)

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Hatanaka, H., Fujise, Y., Pastene, L.A. and Ohsumi, S.
Review of JARPA research objectives and update of the work related to JARPA tasks derived from the 1997 SC meeting.

Nishiwaki, S., Ishikawa, H. and Fujise, Y.
Review of general methodology and survey procedure under the JARPA.

Pastene, L.A., Goto M., Kanda, N., Bando, T., Zenitani, R., Hakamada, T., Otani, S. and Fujise, Y.
A new interpretation of the stock identity in the Antarctic minke whale (Balaenoptera bonaerensis) based on analyses of genetics and non-genetics markers.

Hakamada, T., Matsuoka, K. and Nishiwaki, S.
An update of Antarctic minke whales abundance estimate based on JARPA data, including a comparison to IDCR/SOWER estimates.

Bando, T., Zenitani, R., Fujise, Y. and Kato, H.
Biological parameters of Antarctic minke whale based on materials collected by the JARPA survey in 1987/88 to 2003/04.

Tanaka, E., Zenitani, R. and Fujise, Y.
A point estimate of natural mortality coefficient using JARPA data.

Zenitani, R. and Kato, H.
Long- term trend of age at sexual maturity of Antarctic minke whales by counting transition phase in earplugs.

Tamura, T. and Konishi, K.
Feeding habits and prey consumption of Antarctic minke whales, Balaenoptera bonaerensis in JARPA research area.

Konishi, K., Tamura, T. and Wallow, L.
Yearly trend of blubber thickness in the Antarctic minke whale Balaenoptera bonaerensis in Areas IV and V.

Matsuoka, K., Hakamada, T. and Nishiwaki, S.
Distribution and abundance of humpback, fin and blue whales in the Antarctic Areas IIIE, IV, V and VIW (35°E-145°W).

Murase, H., Nishiwaki, S., Ishikawa, H., Kiwada, H., Yoshida, T. and Ito, S.
Results of the cetacean prey survey using echo sounder in JARPA from 1998/99 to 2002/03.

Murase, H., Tamura, T., Matsuoka, K., Hakamada, T. and Konishi, K.
Preliminary estimation of feeding impact on krill standing stock by three baleen whale species (Antarctic minke, humpback and fin whales) in Areas IV and V using JARPA data.

Yasunaga, G., Fujise, Y., Zenitani, R., Honda, K. and Kato, H.
Yearly trend of trace element accumulation in liver of Antarctic minke whales, Balaenoptera bonaerensis.

Yasunaga, G., Fujise, Y., Zenitani, R., Tanabe, S. and Kato, H.
Spatial and temporal variation in organochlorine contaminants in the Antarctic minke whales, Balaenoptera bonaerensis.

Watanabe, T., Yabuki, T., Suga, T., Hanawa, K., Matsuoka, K. and Kiwada, H.
Results of oceanographic analyses conducted under JARPA and possible evidence of environmental changes.

Pastene, L.A., Goto, M., Kanda, N. and Nishiwaki, S.
Genetic analyses on stock identification in the Antarctic humpback and fin whales based on samples collected under the JARPA.

Fujise, Y., Hatanaka, H. and Ohsumi, S.
Changes occurred on Antarctic minke whale stocks in the Antarctic and their ecological implications.

Mori, M. and Butterworth, D.S.
Progress on application of ADAPT-VPA to minke whales in Areas IV and V given updated information from IDCR/SOWER and JARPA surveys.

Johnston, S.J. and Butterworth, D.
Assessment of the west and east Australian breeding populations of southern hemisphere humpback whales using a model that allows for mixing on the feeding grounds and taking account of the most recent abundance estimates from JARPA.

JA/J05/JR20(Not avaiable)
Burt, M.L., Hedley, S.L., Marques, F.F.C., Hakamada, T. and Matsuoka, K.
Spatial modeling of JARPA survey data in Area V.

Kitakado, T., Fujise, Y., Zenitani, R., Hakamada, T. and Kato, H.
Estimation of natural mortality coefficients for Antarctic minke whales through VPA studies.

Butterworth, D.S. and Mori, M.
Implications of the updated ADAPT-VPA assessments for the dynamics of minke whales in Areas IV and V.

Mori, M. and Butterworth, D.S.
Progress on multi-species modelling in the Antarctic.

Report of the January 2005 JARPA REVIEW MEETING

JARPA Report
Report of the Review Meeting of the Japanese Whale Research Program under Special Permit in the Antarctic (JARPA) called by the Government of Japan, Tokyo, 18-20 January 2005

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