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The Institute of Cetacean Research Library, specializing in cetaceans, started out as a reference room with a computer in a corner for checking data when the Institute was reestablished as a foundation in 1987. The bookmarks in some of the books indicate that the library existed as “The Whales Research Institute Library” when the Institute was located in Tsukishima, Chuo-ku, Tokyo. The prototype of the current library was completed around 1991-1993, when the Institute began to maintain a full-fledged collection of materials with a qualified librarian, gradually laying the groundwork for a library database and organizing books, journals, articles, and video materials.

Around 1997-2002, the volume of information in the form of not only books and journals, but also video materials, newspaper and magazine articles grew dramatically, further expanding the range of materials handled by the library and the scope of its administrative work.

The library is currently closed

A few years back the library was closed due to various reasons, but we continue to collect and maintain materials in preparation for its reopening to the public. To facilitate research work, from 2020 the search for books and periodicals through the Institute’s internal network became available to the Institute’s staff.

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